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How we achieved a Gold accreditation in Green Tourism & Greenest Venue award!

Greenest Venue sustainable events London

Our Grade II listed building strikes Gold & wins Greenest Venue award!

Top 10 reasons for how we achieved a Gold accreditation in Green Tourism and Greenest Venue:

1. Innovative projects such as the ‘corporate sustainability and health group’ who actively encourage staff to be socially responsible and strive to improve the lives of those around them; Chelsea Fringe events including participating in a Gardens and Health in the City event; a ‘take the stairs campaign’; working closely with our nominated BMA Charity to assist in their fundraising and promote their good work; and the development of a staff gym

2. To support wellbeing and work-life balance, we developed the BMA’s garden into a tranquil Mindful Garden which can be accessed all year round. A fantastic option for delegates to unwind outside in the fresh air during breaks

3. Upgrading lighting to PIR and LED based (sensor lights that activate on movement)

4. Changing flushes on the hundreds of toilets within the building to water saving devices

5. Encouraging the 500+ staff in the building to up their recycling efforts by removing all under desk bins and creating communal recycling points for various materials in both staff offices and all meeting and event areas. Encouraging all staff in the building to buy a reusable coffee cup.

6. Only recommending suppliers with sustainable credentials

7. Working with an expert Nutritionist to create Wellbeing menus from responsibly sourced food in support of our focus on sustainability to ensuring local sourcing of food ingredients, where possible. We encourage delegates to eat foods which sustain energy levels and promote healthy eating

8. Purchasing recycled paper for in-room flip charts, and better still we’re embracing a move towards paperless conferencing and have introduced new ‘SMART kapp‘ flipcharts

9. Promoting a clean air walking route from Kings Cross to BMA House to provide delegates with a nicer journey to us.

10. Encouraging staff and event organisers to arrange a Video Conferencing meeting and use one of our many VC kits, which saves on carbon emissions and travel costs.

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